Silver Charge Membrane

Silver Charged Membrane Element

Silver Charged Membrane Technology

In the final stage of the 7 stage purification process, the highly advanced Silver Charged Membrane Technology (SCMT) purifies the water once again, for enhanced purity with RO+SCMT technology.

  • Made of Alumina Nano Fibers attached to micro-glass carrier fiber.
  • Active fibers are 2mm x 250nm in size. The small size of the fibers allows the technology to operate on the atomic level.
  • This technology creates a filter media that has a very high Electropositive charge potential that removes submicron contaminants through electroabsorption.
  • Larger particles are captured within the fiber structure of the media.
  • Can achieve very high flow rates and very low pressure drop.
  • Non - chemical pathogen removal.
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